• Nancy Zine

    Nancy Zine

    wicked excited to be featured in the first edition of Nancy Zine, a queer zine about nightmares and anxiety. Preorder your copy now!!!


  • Makeover! at SubSamson

    Makeover! at SubSamson

    October 7 – 24th, 2015
    Reception: October 9th, 6-8pm

    Casey Ausman, Fred Ata and Melissa Boyajian, Caleb Cole, Giancarlo Corbacho, Robyn Day, Lauren Gillette, Brian Glaser, Madge of Honor, James Helenski, Dylan Hurwitz, Geena Matuson, Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo & Andrew Mroczek, Rosie Ranauro, Lenny Schnier, Tom Maio, Robert Siegelman

    Sübsamsøñ and the BLAA are proud to present Makeover!, a group show of 18 Boston-affiliated/based artists whose work considers reshaping, modifying and updating the self. The pieces range from portraiture and performance to sculpture and abstraction.